Friday, February 12, 2016
Reef Brite REEF TECH ReefBrite XHO LED ReefBrite TWIN-ARC™ Reef Brite HALIDE HYBRID ReefBrite LUMINARY ReefBrite TECH LED
Reef Brite REEF TECH
ReefBrite XHO LED
ReefBrite TWIN-ARC™
ReefBrite TECH LED
Reef Brite REEF TECH Metal Halide Pendant With its space age fanless design, the Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant runs cooler and produces 25% more light output more than any other compact metal halide system available. A high luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) makes the Reef Brite Metal Hybrid system just as energy efficient to operate as comparable T5 […]
ReefBrite XHO LED Designed by Tullio Dell Aquila, the XHO LED‘s have the highest output of any product in their class. Experience Xtreme performance at an affordable price. Mix multiple units to create your own Xtreme High Output Led lighting system. Stylish black anodized housing, high performance reflector system, and assembled in the U.S.A. XHO LED‘s are the […]
ReefBrite TWIN-ARC™ The Reef Brite TWIN-ARC™ metal halide lamp is one of the most exciting new developments in aquarium lighting in almost a decade. Developed for the aquarium industry by world renowned lighting specialist and luminaries designer Tullio DellAquila, the Reef Brite TWIN-ARC™ metal halide lamp is not only the most innovative lamp available it is also […]
Reef Brite HALIDE HYBRID Reef Brite products are perfectly matched to meet the demands of the discriminating aquarist. Featuring 95% reflective highly polished aluminum, microprocessor monitored ballasts and auto adjusted strike voltage. Reef Brite Halide Hybrid systems are built to last, save energy and provide better solar replication. This versatile fixture can be upgraded from 70 through 400 watts […]
ReefBrite LUMINARY The Reef Brite LUMINARY Series offers aquarium-specific lamps designed to meet the needs of most any conceivable system.
ReefBrite TECH LED Strip lights are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2″ to 72″. Utilizing only 3 watt LED’s for maximum performance and output, our LED strip lights produce the same amount of light as a T5 or VHO Fluorescent lamp. These versatile units can be used to replace any standard strip light or to […]

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With clean aesthetic lines and extensive product design, Reef Brite is providing an attractive element to enhance the beauty of aquatic biotopes world wide. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Reef Brite. Creating stunning high quality lighting and aquatic environment solutions, Reef Brite’s product line encompasses cutting edge solar replacement technologies. Reef Brite provides users with a powerful product line designed to be versatile and efficient.

“Green Technologies” play a major role in the Reef Brite philosophy as well. Our line of hybrid and LED solutions are just the latest in a tradition of providing solar solutions that make sense, save energy and money. Get more from your lighting.

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