Reef Brite

With clean aesthetic lines and extensive product design, Reef Brite is providing an attractive element to enhance the beauty of aquatic biotopes world wide. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Reef Brite. Creating stunning high quality lighting and aquatic environment solutions, Reef Brite’s product line encompasses cutting edge solar replacement technologies. Reef Brite provides users with a powerful product line designed to be versatile and efficient.

“Green Technologies” play a major role in the Reef Brite philosophy as well. Our line of hybrid and LED solutions are just the latest in a tradition of providing solar solutions that make sense, save energy and money. Get more from your lighting.

Please find the answer to your aquatic brilliance within our stellar line up and set your corner of the sea aglow with quality efficient light!



Reef Brite XHO LED

XHO LED‘s have the highest output of any product in their class. With clean aesthetic lines and extensive product design, Reef Brite High Power LED bars provide an attractive element to enhance the beauty of aquatic biotopes worldwide. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Reef Brite. Creating stunning high quality lighting… Read more »


Reef Brite TECH LED

Reef Brite Tech lights are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2″ to 72″. Utilizing 3 watt LED’s for maximum performance and output, our Tech LED units produce the same amount of light as a T5 or VHO Fluorescent lamp. These versatile units can be used to replace any standard strip light or… Read more »


Lumi Lite LED Strip

Slim.  Elegant.  PowerfulMeasuring less than 0.5 inches high and 1.25 inches wide, the Reef Brite Lumi Lite/Lumi Lite Duo looks as great as it performs. Featuring a high power LED array, the Lumi Lite/Lumi Lite Duo promotes growth while enhancing color in corals, invertebrates and fish. The Lumi Lite/Lumi Lite Duo is available in a… Read more »

Flat Moon Light

Flat Moonlight

3 Watt high output emitter housed in a compact polished aluminum case. Wide angle of radiation allows larger areas of the aquarium to be illuminated with a natural blue shimmer effect. Makes corals, aquarium decorations, and fish pop with intense glowing effect. Great for reef aquariums, tropical aquariums, terrariums, reptile enclosures, and anywhere you want… Read more »


In Line Dimmer

Inexpensive, versatile dimming control for Lumi Lite, Tech and XHO LED units. Installs easily and is capable of a wide variety of settings allowing you to conveniently choose the perfect amount of light with a push of a button. To install unplug your power supply and install the inline dimmer between the power supply and… Read more »

Single or Dual channel LED interface

Single or dual channel models can handle up to 10 amps per channel. APEX Certified versatile dimming control for Lumi Lite, Tech and XHO lighting units. Works with any APEX controller or can be controlled by 0-10 volt based controllers. Easy to install and set up. Simply plug the interface inline between any Reef Brite… Read more »


Reef Brite Halide Hybrid

Reef Brite products are perfectly matched to meet the demands of the discriminating aquarist.The Reef Brite Halide Hybrid features a specially designed aluminum reflector which maximizes light transmission while controlling proper lamp temperature for optimal lamp performance.Complete with XHO high power LED supplemental lighting. The Halide hybrid enhances color while promoting growth in photosynthetic organisms.When… Read more »


Reef Brite Reef Tech

Metal Halide PendantWith its space age fanless design, the Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant runs cooler and produces 25% more light output more than any other compact metal halide system available. A high luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) makes the Reef Brite Metal Hybrid system just as energy efficient to operate as comparable T5 and… Read more »



Made in the U.S the Reef Brite Ultra T5 offers proven performance and reliability. The Ultra T5 features a proprietary dual parabolic reflector that allows the maximum amount of light to be transmitted from the lamps for greater penetration. Energy efficient digital electronic ballast saves energy while operating your T5HO lamps at peak performance. The… Read more »



Made in the U.S the Reef Brite Supra T5 allows users to combine proven T5 performance with state of the art LED technology (sold separately). Dual high quality aluminum reflectors capture the maximum amount of light and allow it to be directed (reflectors can be independently rotated), maximizing the optical efficiency of the system. Energy… Read more »

Hanging Kit

Hanging Kits

Cable hanging kits for Hybrid Halide, T5HO and LED systems available. Each hanging kits contains 2 – Swivel ceiling couplers, 2 – 10/32 Toggle bolts, 2 – 1/16″ Stainless steel cable with terminal, and 2 – Stainless steel grippers


Reef Brite Twin-Arc™

The Reef Brite TWIN-ARC™ metal halide lamp is one of the most exciting new developments in aquarium lighting in almost a decade. Developed for the aquarium industry by world renowned lighting specialist and luminaries designer Tullio DellAquila, the Reef Brite TWIN-ARC™ metal halide lamp is not only the most innovative lamp available it is also… Read more »

Reef Brite Luminary

Reef Brite Luminary

The Reef Brite LUMINARY Series offers aquarium-specific lamps designed to meet the needs of most any conceivable system.The Reef Brite LUMINARY Series offers aquarium-specific lamps designed to meet the needs of most any conceivable system. As per the namesake, LUMINARY bulbs provide leading quality via specific and combined light spectra.The fluorescent lamp focus ranges include:Full… Read more »


Reef Brite Aqua Viewer

Concerned with pests or hitch hikers getting into your display tank? Highly acclaimed by Universities and Aquaculture facilities, the Reef Brite Aqua Viewer is a great tool for inspecting frags or new specimens. The Reef Brite Aqua Viewer is a portable LED Magnascope that enables portable on site examination for parasites, eggs, and diseases. Great… Read more »



ReefBugs COMPLETE™CREATES REAL LIVE MARINEMICROPLANKTON, NANOPLANKTON AND PICOPLANKTON FOR YOUR MARINE REEF AQUARIUM IN THIRTY MINUTES! Supercharge your reef. ReefBugs are an all natural live alternative to feeding corals, and other filter feeders. Reefbugs are live bacterioplankton and occupy a range of ecological niches in aquatic systems. They obtain energy by consuming organic material produced… Read more »


Jelly Deli

Jelly Deli, what your Jellyfish crave. The purpose of Jelly Deli is to provide a natural food source for your Jellyfish while keeping your tank, filter, and aquarium water clean. Probiotic formula provides an essential source of nutrients, while helping break down organic waste for a cleaner aquarium. If enriched Artemia or other foods are… Read more »