Jelly Deli

Jelly Deli, what your Jellyfish crave. The purpose of Jelly Deli is to provide a natural food source for your Jellyfish while keeping your tank, filter, and aquarium water clean. Probiotic formula provides an essential source of nutrients, while helping break down organic waste for a cleaner aquarium. If enriched Artemia or other foods are fed to your Jellyfish, mix in Jelly deli to aid in their digestion and increase nutrient uptake. Can be used with all species, particle size ranging from 1-600 microns. These particles will attach themselves to micro-organisms in the water column providing a continual source of nourishment with regular use. Order yours today, your Jellyfish and your aquarium will thank you. Note::A Jellyfish’s stomachs (They have more than one) should be full at least once a day. Twice a day is better. If your Jellyfish are shrinking, increase the use of Jelly Deli. If they are growing too large, cut back.