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Welcome to the Reef Brite Aquarium Lighting Blog. The focus of this blog is to provide a site where aquarist can explore the fascinating science of aquarium lighting. The primary purpose of this forum is to offer hobbyist technical information about the various lighting technologies in our industry. We will discuss how these technologies are… Read more »

The Color of Light


I know it has been awhile since my last post but I have been busy (ok obsessed) with various projects I have been working on. In a recent phone conversation I had with Joy Meadows it became apparent that an updated post was in order. While it could have been the fact that she said… Read more »

Radiometric & Photometric Comparison

Spectral Chart

Since as far back as I can remember wattage is often used when considering the output or suitability of a light source for aquarium use. As a result our hobby has become fixated on wattage when comparing the output of light sources including LED’s. The bottom line is, while wattage is used to express the… Read more »